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Due to the coronavirus pandemic and the closing of our track at Yellowjacket Stadium, many are opting for a virtual run. I'll be trying something different.  I will be running about 3 miles (or a 5k distance) on 04/25/2020.  I’ll be running on the Brushy Creek Regional Trail. It is definitely my FAVORITE trail to run on. Follow along!  On 4/25, CTD will be posting live updates of all our runners to Facebook and Twitter @TXDisabilities!

Let's be honest, these difficult times are very tough for the non-profits who serve people with disabilities, a community hit very hard  by the coronavirus. I would appreciate your support as a sponsor. Please select the sponsor button above and make a generous pledge for each lap, or a flat donation. Remember, your donation is tax deductible!

Marisa Cogswell :) 

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