Virtual Fun Run

ADAPT 2022 FUN*RUN for Disability Rights None 04/30/2022, 12:00PM Register
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How to Register My Medicaid Matters! About the FUN*RUN
Sign with kid’s drawing of wheelchairs, love and symbols with a Rev Up Disability Vote bumper sticker on the bottom of the sign
Most of the Austin FUN RUN was a virtual affair, but on Philco St. the Cranston family – while sheltering in place - made one in the back yard, complete with decorations.
Young girl sits on the back of her grandpa’s motorized wheelchair. She is smiling and has little traffic cones on her head, feet and hand.
Genevieve and Ron take a break from the Run!
Kid’s drawing of a line of people in various kinds of wheelchairs and scooters.  Above the slogan Access is a Civil Right.  Below a Community Attendants bumper sticker.
The Austin Philco Fun Run was decorated with disability slogans, artwork and bumper stickers!